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UPLIFT for Emotion / Mood Regulation

Learn to manage the mood and anxiety problems related to epilepsy.

Project UPLIFT tackles the mood problems frequently associated with epilepsy, focusing on exploring and enhancing participants’ emotion regulation skills. Our instructors will equip participants with every essential emotion regulation skill needed to manage the thoughts that lead to poor mood, depression, and anxiety.

Studies on people with epilepsy have repeatedly shown that a disproportionate percentage of people living with epilepsy also suffer from depression, further hindering quality of life for the population. Project UPLIFT was created to help people with seizure disorders better understand and cope with emotions and learn adaptive, long-term strategies for combating emotion dysregulation.


This class is moderated by Catherine Kamau, APRN, DNP-BC, and Epilepsy Wellness Specialist. 

Course Format: 

This 8-week course occurs in a group setting via an online conferencing platform. 


The next course will begin on Wednesday, July, 7th, 2021 at 6:30 PM. Register via the link below. At present, this class is available only to people living in Texas.


We are currently offering this class 100% FREE to the community. This class is being offered free for a limited time only.

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