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HOBSCOTCH for Memory Performance

Improve your memory and quality of life in this 8-week course.

HOBSCOTCH (HOme-Based Self-management and COgnitive Training CHanges Lives) is an 8-week program designed specifically to improve memory performance in people with epilepsy. If you have seizures and feel you struggle with memory issues more than the average person, you are not alone. Approximately half of persons diagnosed with epilepsy report experiencing memory problems beyond what they feel is typical. 

Originally developed at Dartmouth, HOBSCOTCH is a program designed to help adults with seizures develop strategies to manage and cope with memory problems, with the goal of improved quality of life and productivity. 

Course Structure:

The program is designed to be completed in 8 sessions over an 8-week period. Our course utilizes weekly video conferencing, with each session lasting 45-60 minutes. In these sessions, our Epilepsy Wellness instructors will work with participants on learning and practicing memory skills and strategies. 


This course is moderated by Catherine Kamau, D-NP & Epilepsy Wellness Specialist.  

Course Pricing: 

We are currently offering this program 100% FREE to the community. This will continue for a limited number of groups / courses only.


Our next course begins on Saturday, April 24th, 2021 and will for eight weeks. Follow the link below to register.

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