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Dr. Catherine Kamau, APRN, DNP-BC

CEO, Founder, & Epilepsy Wellness Specialist

Catherine Kamau, APRN, DNP-BC, is the CEO and founder of Epilepsy Wellness.

Dr. Kamau has worked with and cared for neurology patients for over 20 years. She obtained her Master of Science in Nursing at Texas Woman’s University, then her Doctor of Nursing Practice at Texas Woman’s University. Initially, she was a Registered Nurse at Medical City Dallas in Neurology and Medical ICU, and later became an Adult Health Nurse Practitioner specializing in Epilepsy. She obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree in 2019 to further advance her passion for epilepsy education.

Dr. Kamau has been involved with epilepsy management on multiple levels, from diagnosis to brain surgery candidacy evaluation and outpatient management of people with intractable epilepsy. She is especially passionate about Epilepsy Wellness, which is the mission of enabling patients with epilepsy to live full, productive lives despite the diagnosis. She guides epilepsy patients through complex issues such as pregnancy and childbearing with epilepsy, memory problems of epilepsy, mood and memory disorders with epilepsy, and overall disease management issues (e.g., how other diseases and medications affect one’s epilepsy medications).

Dr. Kamau is also an advocate for advancing community awareness of epilepsy through the Epilepsy Foundation. She is a speaker for various Epilepsy Foundation programs and administers several of their self-management programs in her spare time. Also fluent in Swahili, Dr. Kamau also participates in raising awareness, teaching, and improving treatments for epilepsy in Nairobi, Kenya through a non-profit ministry.

Dr Kamau’s favorite title is “Mom”. She and her husband have two children, who are her most treasured gifts. She enjoys travel and adventure with her family.

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